Project Background

Background to the ‘What Makes A Man A Man’ Project.
An interview by Andrew L. Urban with Agi O’Hara, Project Founder.

In our work with men in various professional contexts, we’ve been concerned by the frequency with which men have spoken about their confusion regarding their identity as men, about not understanding how they should be in relationships, how to seek professional satisfaction and how to determine and value their life’s purpose. Consistently men have lamented the lack of appropriate and caring male role models and felt cheated that the lessons learned had often been about anger, abuse and neglect.

Recognising that professional services such as counselling and therapy are not accessed by the majority of men, our intention in devising the ‘virtual’ mentoring project was to find a way to link everyday Australian men with a source of men’s wisdom from which they might seek inspiration and understanding of themselves.

With this in mind, after contacting a great many well-known and respected Australian public figures, 16 have agreed to speak on camera about their lives and the lessons they have learnt about being a man.